Executive Insights: private scenario coaching

High-speed scenarios, one-on-one: short and sweet, rough and ready

An alternative to a full-blown workshop is an “Executive Insights” session.  This is an intensive, interactive scenario clinic conducted with you alone. It lasts 2 hours and generates 4 “raw” scenarios describing your company's possible future business environment.

Why "raw"?  Well, obviously, in this very short amount of time, the scenarios we define together will be skeletal, and more work would still have to be done to craft properly fleshed-out scenarios that more fully reflect the way these 4 landscapes might "look and feel" to your company, once you would actually be operating in those environments.

But even though they may be rudimentary, seeing how these 4 scenarios reveal themselves can still be an eye-opening experience. Maybe for the first time, you will see how your strategic business landscape could change over the next decade in 4 very different but plausible directions.

In addition, even with this quick exposure to the scenario process, you'll be able to appreciate how the technique works, and how it could help you in your strategic planning – and you'll see why this way of thinking should become part of your standard approach to planning for the future.

You can quit here, if that's all you have time for. You will come away with basic insights that could nevertheless provide a provocative and potentially surprising view of the futures you could face. This alone is already a valuable outcome!

Or: Continue on to a more extensive scenario development workshop with your management team in order to add flesh to the bones, and get a better feel for how your future might develop.  It’s up to you.