Wade & Company

Scenarios and brand content: they're related

Wade & Company SA is the management consultancy I founded here in Lausanne, Switzerland to help my clients look the future in the eye.  Thanks to scenario thinking, my clients do three things better:

  • Understand how their future business landscape might be different from today's.
  • Spot opportunities for innovation and new strategic initiatives that these future landscapes could present.
  • Develop a "to do" list of strategic steps that they could already execute today to be better prepared for tomorrow's world.


Understanding the future

The company explores trends that will have an impact on the future, and brings this thought-provoking work into client firms, usually at the senior management or Board level. For example, I facilitate scenario planning workshops within companies which give management teams a structured way to envisage different future business environments that may realistically unfold.


Identifying opportunities

It stands to reason that different future landscapes will present different opportunities (and also different risks).  So an important - and very practical - part of scenario planning is to try to see what kinds of innovations or strategic initiatives would make sense in each landscape, to take advantage of the chances and minimize the risks.  This is also one of the deliverables of a Wade & Co. workshop.


Developing a "to do" list

If the future may develop in very different directions, a "one-size-fits-all" strategy may not be such a good idea.  Instead, you should be thinking about the different strategic approaches you may need to be able to implement in order to respond effectively to the different ways the future may unfold.  This is what Wade & Co. also does: help you develop a "to do" list of potential actions you could take now that would lay the groundwork for continued success.