The Hotel Yearbook

Exploring future scenarios for the hospitality industry

The Hotel Yearbook is a publishing project I began in 2006, to help companies in the hotel industry understand how their business landscape will be changing in the near future - the time horizon for these annual publications being only a year or two. Over the last decade, about 300 CEOs and other senior executives, analysts and consultants have contributed to the project, sharing their insights and expectations. Each contributor looks specifically at his or her area of expertise – for example a particular segment of the industry such as luxury resorts, or a specific geographic market – and describes the likely scenario for the near future. As a whole, The Hotel Yearbook therefore gives its readers a fairly comprehensive overview of the trends and developments that will affect the hotel business in the year to come – as expected by the industry’s leaders themselves.




Hotel Yearbook 2036: A leap 20 years into the future

A short while ago, I wrote and published an entirely new book on the future of the hotel industry, and instead of looking at the coming year, I wanted to take a more ambitious leap and write about the landscape two decades from now.  

Written entirely from the viewpoint of the year 2036, this book presents dozens of fictitious “eyewitness reports” from the future – wry comments made by future hotel industry executives, consultants, and observers who all “look back” on the previous 20 years (2016 to 2036, that is) and describe the dramatic changes that happened in the business environment, and what they have meant for the hotel business.  Each chapter looks at either the political, economic, societal, or technological changes that have taken place in the 2016-2036 time period, and their impact on hospitality.

The Hotel Yearbook 2036 is unlike any other book published about the hotel industry. By pretending that it is already the future, and letting movers and shakers from the year 2036 - even if they're fictitious! - tell the history of the past two decades "in their own words", the book provides some eye-opening insights into the very different world that the hotel business might realistically have to compete in, and how it has dealt with its many challenges.

In addition to being thought-provoking, it is also meant to be highly entertaining.  It's free - so go to this link to download a copy, and see for yourself!



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